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Moved To GitHub!
UCDArch has moved to GitHub at as of February 2011.

Please go to GitHub for Source Code, Downloads, the Wiki and more.

Project Description
UC Davis Core Architecture using ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, and Castle DI.

The goal of this projects is to help developers produce excellent ASP.NET MVC applications using a strong framework proven under real-world conditions at UC Davis. UCDArch has a few specific portions which might be useful to UCDavis alone (like CAS Authentication), but the majority of the project could help others build strong MVC applications.

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Currently there is only information on setting up mapping strategies and a getting stared guide, but more is coming soon(ish) -- for now see the sample project which can be downloaded via the Source Code tab.

Thanks to for inspiration -- much of the guts are an amalgam of their work and previous efforts from UCD internal applications.

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