Expand User.cs class to have many-to-many properties (commented out currently)


Uncomment these associations and make sure the repository can CRUD them, including cascades.
<!--<bag name="UnitAssociations" table="UnitAssociations" inverse="false" cascade="none"> <key column="UserID" /> <many-to-many column="UnitAssociationID" class="CAESArch.Tests.SampleMappings.UnitAssociation, CAESArch.Tests" /> </bag> <bag name="Permissions" table="Permissions" inverse="false" cascade="none"> <key column="UserID" /> <many-to-many column="PermissionID" class="CAESArch.Tests.SampleMappings.Permission, CAESArch.Tests" /> </bag>-->  
Also create one like "Address HomeAddress {get;set;}"


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